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Understanding biology and disease processes is an incredible challenge. Cell-based assays focusing on signalling, function, morphology, to name but a few enable to get further insight in biology and disease. Cell-based assay is here referred to as any assay measuring or detecting effects, elements or parts of a living cell.

CellMade offers a broad range of Cell-based assays using both normal and diseased human primary cell models. All proposed CellMade cell models, culture media, reagents and services are thoroughly tested and guarantee optimal performance. The available cell-based assays can be used in a broad variety of experimental applications.

Quantitative assays are designed to measure cell-specific targets in presence or absence of test items. Quantitative assays are using an ELISA approach and results are measured using plate-readers.  

For further information on the Cell-based assays and our standard experimental set-up, please download the CellMade Cell-based Assays – Technical Information and General Instructions leaflet.

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Ref Products Associated Products Price
CM-7010-400 PGE-2 Inflammatory Response via ELISA; Endothelial cells (HUVEC; HUAEC; HAOEC; HDMVEC) 8851.00 €
CM-7010-401 COX-2 Inflammatory Response via ELISA; Endothelial Cells (HUVEC; HAOEC; HDMVEC) 8851.00 €
CM-7003-400 PGE-2 Inflammatory Response via ELISA; Fibroblasts (HDF; HLF; HCF; HFLS) 8851.00 €
CM-7043-901 PGE-2 Inflammatory Response via ELISA; Blood cells (PBMC; Monocytes) 8851.00 €