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Our research projects focus on the ever-increasing prevalence of Obesity affecting millions of people worldwide. The Metabolic Syndrome and its hepatic manifestation, NAFLD-NASH is a key pathological condition triggered by the noxious biochemical pathways of Obesity. Despite the high unmet medical needs, there are currently no approved drugs for treating NAFLD-NASH. The current main recommendation is lifestyle modification, which is only partially effective.

CellMade’s lead product, CLM-101, co-developed along with diagnostic and prognostic biomarker signatures (CLM-BM-001 for T2DM; CLM-BM-002 for CVD and CLM-BM-003 for COPD), is evaluated for indications in the treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD, NASH <5%), potentially overcoming later development of T2DM and/or CVD and/or COPD.

Our unique approach allows for several levels of cooperation and partnering: (i) Supply of Products and (ii) Services Agreement related to Metabolic Disease Research. Furthermore, we are actively looking for (iii) Research Cooperation’s related to our lead product and associated biomarker portfolio.

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