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Fat Cells Media

Cost-effective and fully described media for human primary adipocytes

CellMade fat cells media are using basal medium and functionally tested growth supplements for optimized plating, proliferation, differentiation and maintenance of HPAd (and obtained HAd). 

Quality Control

Cell Culture Media test negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast and fungi. All products are performance tested. A certificate of analysis is delivered with each product purchased.

Basal Media and Cell Culture Reagents

Culture media were designed for low-protein or serum-free growth of specific cell types using hormones, growth factors, trace elements and in some cases low levels of charcoal stripped and dialyzed fetal bovine serum; Each medium was formulated to provide defined and optimal growth and nutritional environment selectively promoting growth of specific cell types. It is highly recommended to review literature for further information concerning cell culture media, supplementation, type of culture and degree of chemical definition required.

All cell culture media and reagents are For Research Use Only.

Addition of growth supplements to yield completed growth medium should be performed just before starting cell culture. The nature of the supplement(s) strongly affects storage conditions and shelf life of the medium.

The complete formulation and description of the basal media and the different growth supplements are available under the Documentation Centre of this page.

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Ref Products Associated Products Price
CM3700 Human Pre-adipocytes Basal Medium, W/ Phenol Red, W/ L-Glutamine, W/ HEPES, 500 mL Complement with Cell Growth Supplements to obtain Growth Medium 58.00 €
CM4701 Human Pre-Adipocytes (HpAD) Growth Supplements Complement with Human Pre-Adipocytes Basal Medium 63.00 €
CM5701 Human Pre-adipocytes Growth Medium, W/ Phenol Red, W/ L-Glutamine, W/ HEPES, 500 mL Complete Kit 121.00 €