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Cell Injury Sensing Assays

Sera (or plasma) samples that reflect cell-injury profiles and enable to stratify samples according to clinical classification are ideal samples for the further discovery of circulating markers using metabolomics tools.


CellMade developed a comprehensive range of cell-based assays to determine the degree of cell-injury induced using reference molecules versus patient’ samples (serum; plasma). In our search for non-invasive biomarkers, we hypothesized that patient’ samples (serum; plasma) representing different disease stages should induce different levels of cell-injury according to the clinical classification of the patients.

For example, NASH (F1) patients versus NASH (F4) patients should reflect different levels of injury for items such as lipid uptake, inflammation, oxidative stress and apoptosis. We demonstrated that cell-injury sensing assays using different cell models were able to stratify NASH patient’ samples according to their histological clinical classification. Within this approach , we further hypothesized that circulating  markers should be at the basis of the induction of cel injury and that levels (or changes) to the circulating markers reflect the different disease stages.

For further information on our cell-injury sensing assays, please refer to the Documents Centre of this page.


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Ref Products Associated Products Price
CM8000 Apoptosis 0.00 €
CM8001 Calcification 0.00 €
CM8002 Cell-cycle 0.00 €
CM8003 Efferocytosis 0.00 €
CM8004 Inflammation (Intracellular) 0.00 €
CM8005 Insulin Sensitivity 0.00 €
CM8006 Intracellular Total Ceramides 0.00 €
CM8007 Lipid Ingestion 0.00 €
CM8008 Mitochondrial Function 0.00 €
CM8009 Multinucleated Giant Cell Formation 0.00 €
CM8010 Oxidative Stress 0.00 €
CM8011 Phagocytosis 0.00 €
CM8012 Polarization 0.00 €
CM8013 Proliferation 0.00 €
CM8014 Viability 0.00 €