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Comprehensive cell-based assays for normal and disease human primary cells. Allowing for functional and biochemical analysis. Dedicated to metabolic disease research.

CellMade offers a broad range of cell-based assays specifically designed for use with metabolic disease research. Cell-based assays are essential to facilitate cell analysis, organelle analysis, quantification of oxidative stress, enzyme activity, ….

CellMade cell-based kits allow for specific, quantitative and consistent measurements of soluble antigens found in sera, plasma, body fluids, tissue lysates and cell culture supernatants.

Different technologies are used: ELISA, Cytometry, Enzymatic assays, Staining assays, ….

The section Application Lab of this website contains many application examples and data of our cell-based assays. CellMade, via our Application Lab, can assist in developing your cell-based assays.

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