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New Website

New Website

  18 04 2018

The new website has been designed to provide user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality. The site includes extensive product and services information to help customers understand CellMade's complete range of solutions for metabolic disease research. Technical data and application studies are provided to give a detailed overview of CellMade’s capabilities.

Furthermore, the new website allows interested users to follow CellMade's exciting Metabolic Disease Research Projects via subscribing to our Research and Innnovation Section.

Sections that interest visitors can be shared with  others across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

About CellMade:

CellMade, established since 2007, develops and supplies innovative cell biology products and laboratory services supporting the use of human-origin primary cells as a research tool for in vitro cell-based assays. The Company established a broad tissue acquisition network to obtain normal and diseased human-origin tissues and body fluids in accordance with the latest European guidelines. CellMade provides a comprehensive catalog of Products: primary and stem cell models, advanced cell models and specific cell culture media.

Our multidisciplinary team has developed an innovative systems biology approach enabling high-content and robust analysis of cell models required for a diverse range of applications such as efficacy and safety testing of new drug compounds or the discovery of biomarkers. CellMade provides a comprehensive catalog of Services: Biobanking, Cell-based assays, Cytometry and Mass Spectrometry assays and Bioinformatics for annotation of obtained data and construction of data-bases.