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CUSTom BioBANK Services

CellMade created a bio-specimen collection network with standardized procedures for acquisition, preservation and storage of clinically annotated samples. Best Practices for Bio-specimen Resources have been implemented including a sophisticated security and information technology infrastructure. One of the greatest challenges facing biobanking is the fact that small variations in bio-specimen acquisition, handling, processing and storage can produce variations in the quality and the reproducibility of results. The standard operating procedures used by the bio-specimen collection network enables to acquire samples that are all handled, processed and stored in the same manner. Researchers will be able to measure genuine biological differences rather than sample-to-sample variability.

Biobanking represents unique legal and ethical requirements. The consent process informs participants that they relinquish all rights to their tissues on donation, that they will not share in any eventual profits, will state who owns the samples and explicitly explain what withdrawal of consent means as well as a blanket consent to permit the use of samples in any future research projects. In no case participants are paid for donation.  All presented biobanking services specifically exclude (i) minors and (ii) patients placed under Trust.

CellMade offers custom biobank services enabling you to source the tissues, body fluids and cells with or without associated clinical data for your own research activities. Custom biobank services include:

  • Contract set-up and sign-off between CellMade and Client according to the standard CellMade Services Agreement for Tissue Acquisition
  • Clinical site(s) selection by CellMade, in agreement with Client
  • Establishment of the study protocol by CellMade and in agreement with Client
  • Subject informed consent development (adaptation of existing documents to the particular study) by CellMade and in agreement with Client
  • Submission to ethical committees or required regulatory authorities depending on the study design
  • Recruitment of donors (database) in collaboration with the Principal Investigator(s)
  • Biological sample collection, logistics and processing
  • Serology and integrity testing of obtained samples to guarantee biological quality
  • Controlled shipping of biological samples to Client’s repository

All samples and associated clinical data are linked anonymized. The User is not able to access to personal identifiers. All Products (Collected, Transformed) test negative for HIV-1&2, Hepatitis B&C, mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast and fungi. A certificate of analysis is delivered with each product purchased. All products are for RESEARCH USE ONLY.

For further information on tissue collection and our standard set-up, please download the CellMade Biobank – Technical Information and General Instructions leaflet.

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