Innovative diagnosticsand therapeuticsfor metabolic disease

Endothelial Cells

Ethically sourced and fully traceable human primary endothelial cells. Functional and biochemical characterization. For studying metabolic disease: obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes type II, NAFLD.

Human Primary Aortic Endothelial Cells (HAoEC)

Product Description

  • HAoEC are primary cells isolated from disease human aorta.
  • Human tissues and body fluids are sourced via CellMade’s own tissue acquisition network under standardized conditions (temperature, transport medium, transport, delay, …). CellMade manages its own biobank and guarantees full compliance and traceability according to the laws of France.


Product Testing and Functional characterization

  • HAoEC from CellMade display typical cobblestone with large dark nuclei appearance under light microscopy.
  • Standard: HAoEC are tested for expression of endothelial cell markers CD31; CD31/PECAM-1 and VE-Cadherin by immunofluorescence staining methods and cytometry.
  • Functionally characterized: HAoEC are tested for reactivity after cellular stimuli: VEGF for activation of VEGFR and TNF-α for secretion of PGE-2, measured in time-response/dose-response manner via ELISA methods.
  • CellMade primary cell models test negative for TVO, Moulds, Yeasts and Mycoplasmas as tested by PCR methods;
  • CellMade primary cell models test negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, HEP-B and HEP-C as tested by PCR methods and Antibody-methods;
  • CellMade primary cell models are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis.


Biochemical characterization

  • CellMade has established rigorous biochemical quality control programs ensuring the qualification of normal and disease primary cell models;  


Cells can be expanded for up to five 5 passages under the cell culture conditions specified by CellMade.

For further information on our human primary endothelial cell products, please refer to the Documents Centre of this page.

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