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Cardiovascular Cell Models (3D)

CellMade advanced 3D cell models using human-origin primary cells are developed for a large variety of applications to study different disease patterns. These models can consist of one or more type of cells. In the current set-up, the advanced models are analyzed in a high content manner via coupling capillary cytometry with LC/MS methods. A 3D model for neo-vascularization comprising Human Aorta Smooth Muscle Cells (HAoSMC) and Human Aorta Endothelial Cells (HAoEC) was developed. This model is useful for studying mechanisms involved in the vascularization process and to screen for angiogenetic properties of drug compounds.

Using different ECM two different co-culture models are developed, one short term model (up to 48 hours) and a long term model (up to 20 days). The short term model is used to screen angiogenic compounds. The long term model can be used to study mechanisms in vascular development and disease, such as atherosclerosis.

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