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Updated catalog: Products and Services for metabolic disease research

Updated catalog: Products and Services for metabolic disease research

  31 08 2018

Metabolic diseases like Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Diabetes type II are increasingly widespread, and research for this class of diseases relies on discovering and quantifying biomarkers to elucidate underlying mechanisms and develop novel drug targets. Our portfolio of products and services are well suited for metabolic disease research. Increased research focus on metabolic diseases is guided by the fact that early (preventive) treatment of metabolic diseases can overcome later development of comorbidities. Using human-origin, functionally characterized cell models with associated patient information scientists can more accurately identify and target the exact deficiency.


Obtaining viable primary cultures from a tissue sample and maintaining it for experimental purposes is a major challenge. Based on our proven laboratory protocols and extensive practical experience from many years of primary cell culture, our products facilitate your metabolic disease research.

A broad range of cell models, culture media, proteins, antibodies, ELISA kits, PCR arrays, cell isolation reagents, biochemicals, protein transfection and antibody delivery tools, small molecules and 3D cell culture products are available. The catalog is completed with a selected range of plasticware for cell-culture and analysis.



CellMade created a bio-specimen collection network with standardized procedures for acquisition, preservation and storage of clinically annotated samples

Best Practices for Bio-specimen Resources have been implemented including a sophisticated security and information technology infrastructure. The biobank contains demographic data, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients. Our biobank also develops collections of matched, healthy samples.


Cell-based assays are used to evaluate a variety of functional and biochemical effects, including cell proliferation, apoptosis and cell death, signal transduction, enzyme activity, antibody and complement dependent cytoxicity, to name but a few. Using human-origin and characterized primary cells, our cell-based assays provide a functional read-out of compound activity, and produce results that are more biologically relevant.

The complexity involved in live cell analysis demands an advanced level of bioanalytical skills and knowledge.  With our scientific staff averaging 15+ years of experience developing and performing cell-based assays, CellMade is uniquely qualified in this capacity. Our team has vast experience with primary cells and can develop and validate cell-based assays.


ELISA; Capillary Cytometry; Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy; Mass Spectrometry; Real-Time PCR

About CellMade:

CellMade, established since 2007, develops and supplies innovative cell biology products and laboratory services supporting the use of human-origin primary cells as a research tool for in vitro cell-based assays. The Company established a broad tissue acquisition network to obtain normal and diseased human-origin tissues and body fluids in accordance with the latest European guidelines. CellMade provides a comprehensive catalog of Products: primary and stem cell models, advanced cell models and specific cell culture media.

Our multidisciplinary team has developed an innovative systems biology approach enabling high-content and robust analysis of cell models required for a diverse range of applications such as efficacy and safety testing of new drug compounds or the discovery of biomarkers. CellMade provides a comprehensive catalog of Services: Biobanking, Cell-based assays, Cytometry and Mass Spectrometry assays and Bioinformatics for annotation of obtained data and construction of data-bases.