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Understanding biology and disease processes is an incredible challenge. Cell-based assays focusing on signalling, function, morphology, to name but a few enable to get further insight in biology and disease. Cell-based assay is here referred to as any assay measuring or detecting effects, elements or parts of a living cell.

CellMade offers a broad range of Cell-based assays using both normal and diseased human primary cell models. All proposed CellMade cell models, culture media, reagents and services are thoroughly tested and guarantee optimal performance. The available cell-based assays can be used in a broad variety of experimental applications.

Within any cell-based experiment, measuring cellular health is essential. Proliferation and viability assays are important to understand cell growth and differentiation. Cytotoxicity assays easily detect toxic potency of test items on selected cell models.

In brief, Proliferation assays are used to determine the rate at which cells are growing and their overall expansion performance. Viability assays report the number of remaining viable cells but offers little insight into the mechanisms concerning antiproliferative versus cytotoxic effects of test items. Whereas, Cytotoxicity assays test how destructive an agent is to a selected cell model. By looking at cellular Proliferation, Viability and Cytotoxicity, one gains great understanding of cellular health.

It is highly important to distinguish the terms anti-proliferation and cytotoxicity. Cytotoxic literally means causing toxicity to cells. Anti-proliferation means to arrest the multiplication or proliferation of cells; they stop cell growth (cytostatic).

For further information on the Cell-based assays and our standard experimental set-up, please download the CellMade Cytometry Assays – Technical Information and General Instructions leaflet.

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