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Standard Kidney Function


Standard Kidney Function

CellMade created a bio-specimen collection network with standardized procedures for acquisition, preservation and storage of clinically annotated samples. Best Practices for Bio-specimen Resources have been implemented including a sophisticated security and information technology infrastructure.

CellMade custom bio-specimen collection projects can be complemented with further biochemical characterization of obtained samples.

Standard Kidney Function enables to further annotate normal versus disease samples according to key biochemical targets involved in the progression of metabolic diseases.

For further information on our standard kidney function services, please refer to the Documents Centre of this page.

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Ref Products Associated Products Price
CM7300 alpha-1-microglobulin 0.00 €
CM7301 Creatinine 0.00 €
CM7302 Cystatin C 0.00 €
CM7303 N-acetyl-beta-D-amino Glucuroide 0.00 €
CM7304 Urea 0.00 €
CM7305 Uric Acid 0.00 €
CM7306 Urine Micro Albumin 0.00 €
CM7307 Urine Total Protein 0.00 €
CM7308 beta 2-Micro Globulin 0.00 €