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Agilent NovoCyte Advanteon 2L-B5/R3 flow cytometry system with Agilent NovoSampler Q. Fully integrated cytometry system with data aquistion and data analysis system.

CellMade is equipped with one (1) Agilent NovoCyte Advanteon 2L-B5/R3 flow cytometry system. Our current system set-up contains two lasers (Blue 488 nm; Red 637nm), 8 fluorescent SiPM detectors, FSC and SSC detectors for a total of 10 parameters in parallel allowing for sophisticated, high-content analysis methods. The system is equipped with an automated high throughput Agilent NovoSampler Q. The sampler can process FACS tubes (using a 40-tube rack) and 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates.


  • Sample recovery mode serves to collect unused sample at end of acquisition;
  • Excellent sensitivity and resolution;
  • Intuitive and powerful software for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting;
  • Wide, 7.2-log dynamic range eliminates the need for routine gain detector adjustments;
  • High speed collection up to 100,000 events/second;
  • Accurate absolute cell count in every experiment, which eliminates the need for reference beads.


Cytometry data acquisition, analysis, and reporting are performed using NovoExpress software.


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