Innovative diagnosticsand therapeuticsfor metabolic disease

CellInsight Biomarker Discovery 

Deeper cellular insights through translational research enabled CellMade to discover novel biomarkers and codevelop clinical nutrition products for the early diagnosis and preventive management of patients suffering from NASH

Different patients with the same pathology do not respond to drugs in the same way. The industry is moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to more personalized medicine, but to achieve that objective, a deeper insight into biological systems is necessary.

CellMade developed a Translational Medicine approach via building multi-disciplinary teams enabling for innovative biomarker discovery. Within CellMade we have brought together a multi-disciplinary team from cell biologists, analytical chemists to bioinformatics specialists in an attempt to achieve a better understanding of biological systems.

CellMade developed its proprietary technology platform CellInsight linking tissue acquisition activities, cell production and characterization, development of ex vivo 3D models with an innovative analytical approach being cytometry coupled to (off-line) mass spectrometry.

CellMade’s trusted technology and expertise is dedicated to metabolic research efforts in many ways. CellInsight enables to define and design a comprehensive biomarker strategy.

  • Biobank: for specific tissue sourcing projects;
  • Cell Models: use CellInsight normal and disease human primary cells;
  • Cellular Engineering: use CellInsight advanced 3D and coculture cell models;
  • Defined in vitro and ex vivo Study Models within specialized therapeutic areas;
  • Comprehensive portfolio of assays:

o >100 Functional assays

o >25 Profiling assays

o 1 NASH experimental biomarker


CellMade believes in shared innovation and now opens access to its technology platform allowing researchers to use the tools that made us successful in developing our own biomarker and nutraceutical for early detection and preventive treatment of NASH.


For further information on our technology platform,  please refer to the  Products and Laboratory Services pages of this website.

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