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CellMade is elucidating the role of specific lipid mediators, acting as circulating inflammatory messengers, and responsible for the spreading of metabolic diseases ignited by Obesity. NASH is a common pathology developed in overweight/obese patients.   CellMade’s lead specialized clinical nutrition product, CLM-101, co-developed along with a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker, CLM-BM-001, are evaluated for indications in the early and preventive treatment of NASH, preventing the progression to later stages of NASH.

Our diagnostic program CLM-BM-001 is based upon the discovery that specific lipid molecules reflect different stages of NASH. This discovery kicked off a multi-year effort that has resulted in the development of what we target to be the first validated diagnostic test to identify patients suffering from the early phases NASH and who are appropriate candidates for preventive treatment.      

CLM-BM-001 enables for early, non-invasive, rapid and robust identification of patients suffering from NASH.

In parallel, CellMade develops a revolutionary class of specialized clinical nutrition. CLM-101 intervenes on key biochemical targets that are at the basis of the onset of the diverse noxious pathways ignited by Obesity and leading to the progression of NASH.

The innovative aspect of CLM-101 is based upon the early and preventive approach of NASH, when the disease is still reversible. Indeed, CLM-101 enables to enhance gut microbial activity, correct lipid and amino acid profiles and decrease inflammatory and oxidative stress, in NASH patients for whom the noxious pathways responsible for the progression of NASH are initiated.

CLM-101 offers a first-line approach, dedicated to the very early stages of NASH, and targets a patient population for which pharmaceutical approaches are either non-available or economically not viable.



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